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Webinars, Podcasts & Newsletters

The webinars and podcast recordings listed below have been presented to assist in the membership campaign. Presentations can be used to reinforce how to make an impact in membership. For more information on these and other presentations on membership, please contact the Membership Impact Department.


Webinars Podcasts
Council Market Analysis Report Overview

BeAScout How to Populate Your Pin

Council Membership Plan Implementation

Recruitment Best Practices and Resources

Branding Webinar

Spring Tiger Cub Recruiting

New-Unit Retention Webcast

Scouting in a Hispanic/Latino Community

New Unit Development – Supporting Local Councils

New Unit Development – Promoting Scouting To Families Using BeAScout

How to Personalize Peer-to-Peer Recruitment Cards

Recruiting Materials Campaign Webinar

BeAScout Podcast


Recruiting Tiger Cubs 

Webelos-to-Scout Transition

Peer-to-Peer Recruiting 

Fall Recruiting

Fall Program Planning 

Spring Recruiting

Cub Scout Recruiting

Cub Scout Retention Podcast

Cub Scout Graduation/Crossover

Cub Scout Fall Recruiting 

Spring Recruiting

Newsletters Membership Plan Webinar
Commissioner Newsletter

Membership Impact Newsletter, May 2012

Membership Impact Newsletter, October 2012

Membership Impact Newsletter, February 2013

Membership Impact Newsletter, May 2013

Membership Impact Newsletter, October 2013

Membership Impact Newsletter, February 2014

Membership Plan 1: Introduction view | download

Membership Plan2: Membership Analysis view | download

Membership Plan 3: Setting Goals view | download

Membership Plan 4: Membership Growth Plan view | download

Membership Plan 5: Volunteer Structure view | download

Membership Plan 6: Backdating and Writing view | download




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