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March 2014 Creek Flow Notes

Hello Upper Cumberland District.  Here’s a report of the March UCD Scout Roundtable business and presentations.
  Jessica Buckner, UCD Finance Chairperson, gave a presentation on BSA fund-raising guidelines, appropriate uniforming during fundraisers, and the BSA Unit Money-Earning Application. Unit applications should be submitted to Jessica prior to submission to the Council Service Center. Jessica has extensive experience in Scout fund-raisers, what has worked, what has not worked, and district scouters are encouraged to use her counsel and expertise.  Jessica can be reached at jessicabuckner@gmail.com   Dr. John Mark Rodgers , UCD Camping Chair, discussed preparations for the Spring Camporee with a theme of Cooking.  The camporee is scheduled for the weekend of April 4-6 and will be held at a location near Rickman. Camporee program handouts were given to troop leaders present.  Also, BSA Program Features -Cooking theme – suggested meeting plans for four troop meetings were distributed to leaders. For more info, please contact Mark at jmarkrodgers@charter.net   Nathan Longfellow,  Machtagen Chapter Chief, asked unit leaders to encourage their Arrowmen to attend the Chapter meetings, held 1st Thursday, 6:00 PM, at the Troop 108 Scout Hut. Nathan stated the Chapter needed increased participation to meet the requests for service and ceremonies.     Dan Fenlon reminded leaders about the UCD Awards Banquet, scheduled for Tuesday evening, March 18, 6:30-9:00 PM, at Collegeside Church of Christ.  Also, he reminded leaders about need to make timely award recommendation submissions.

Dan Fenlon described the ongoing Voice of the Scout program – an effort to capture experiences and ideas and a provision for your feedback.  If you’ve received a email survey, please consider a prompt response.  To receive a survey, someone in the Scouting household must have email info on file in the BSA ScoutNet system.  If you need more info here, please speak with Dan.  

  Jim Groce shared some highlights and planning from Troop 20’s recent four day encampment at Chickamauga-Chattanooga NMP.  Scouts camped on the battlefield and completed two rewarding hikes of 11 and 14 miles.  If you need more program info, contact Jim or Mike Jeffers, mmkm8272@gmail.com    Lifesaving Awards  Life Scout Nathan Longfellow and his father, Tom Longfellow, members of BSA Troop 156, will be on honored by the BSA in a very special ceremony on Monday, May 12, 7:00 PM, at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church.  All are cordially invited to attend this presentation.   Roy Cravens, who will serve as UCD Cub Scout Day Camp Program Chair, asked that Scoutmasters encourage their Scouts to assist with Spring Cub and Family, May 2-4, and UCD Day Camp, June 2-6, Happy Haven Childrens Home. Great opportunity for young Scouts to serve and demonstrate their skills.  Scoutmasters and unit leaders, please contact Roy at 931-644-0183.
Training opportunities:
University of Scouting, Saturday, March 15.  Go to www.mtcbsa.org for course info, schedules, and registration.
OLS, May 2-4, Boxwell SR, Orientation on April 24, 6 PM at Council Service Center.  Contact Mack McCoy, (cell) 615-330-5685
2014 National Youth Leadership Training, June 22-27, Latimer Reservation.
2014 Wood Badge, MT-61, September 5-7 and 26-28.  Course Director is Freddie Wilkerson, (615) 878-8635.
If you have ideas or suggestions for YOUR SRT, please contact Jim or Dan.  Next SRT is Thursday, April 3, 7:00 PM.  Be Prepared and Be There.
Jim Groce, Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Dan Fenlon, Upper Cumberland District Commissioner           
James D. Groce 931-528-6274 (home) 931-644-1247 (cell)
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