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Misc Spread Sheets (Popcorn, Knots, and Scout Accounts)


This Microsoft Excel based Scout Popcorn Tracking spreadsheet was developed to help Troops and Packs organize and track their popcorn fundraising. By inputting the sales by product and  by scout it will give you a breakdown of  cases/containers needed at the distribution  center, cases/containers for each den, total  sales, total profit and a report of the top sellers.

One of the biggest problems we’ve seen with Scout Popcorn sales is problems with the math at the various stages ofnordering and distribution, this sheet will take the human element out of the arithmetic.

  • Tracks sales for up to 120 Scouts
  • Tracks traditional Take Order sales as well as support for Take-N-Sell sales and Show and Sell sales for each Scout
  • Tracks up to 17 popcorn products your Council may offer.
  • Customizable products, pricing and profit margin depending on your particular Council’s program.
  • This solution is not sanctioned or authorized by the BSA or Trails End Popcorn, we just think it’s very handy.
  • Requires Microsoft Excel® – Version 2007 or higher
  • Download is compressed in .zip format, utilize your favorite unzip utility to extract the file.
  • Please note there are a couple of Macros in this spreadsheet. These are there to make some recalculations easier on the user. You must allow these Macros to execute for the spreadsheet to be fully functional. There is nothing “evil” embedded in the spreadsheet . . .         Scouts Honor!
  • This sheet is free to use as you see fit. Please report any issues with the sheet. We present this sheet “as is” and do not make custom modifications for your specific needs. You can choose to use it or not.

2012 Popcorn Tracker v1.0

Cub Knots Trax

Covers the Cubmaster Training Award, Tiger Cub Leader Training Award, Den Leader Training Award, Webelos Leader Training Award, Pack Trainer Award, and Cub Scouter Training Award



Scouter Knots Trax

Covers the Boy Scout Leader Training Award, Varsity Scout Leader Training Award, Venturing Leader Training Award, and Roundtable Staff Training Award.



Money Trax

For helping to keep track of individual scout accounts within the unit.
Note: this new version work with both Excel AND OpenOffice Calc.



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