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Go to : https://my.scouting.org/ to use your new tools.


Log in to MyScouting Tools to start using these new enhancements.  To view support materials, click on a link below:

Organization Manager       Organization Manager (previously known as Organization Profile) – Create and manage a unit’s organizational structure (create dens in packs; patrols in troops; groups in crews; crews in ships; squads in teams; and other committees).

My Dashboard       My Dashboard – Members can update additional profile details under My Profile without contacting the council or the National Support Center.

 Member Manager    Member Manager – Assign member(s) to functional role(s) within a unit’s organizational structure, and maintain roster.

Training Manager   Training – View dashboard of position trained leader status and Youth Protection Training status by organization level, add training (not just YPT), and print training certificates.

          Training Manager (for Key 3)

o    Youth Protection Training Report has been moved from the Search Training screen and placed on the YPT dashboard for quicker view.

o    A new “Trained Leaders Report” is available and an icon placed on the Trained Leaders dashboard for printing.  This report lists those who are not position-trained, along with additional training needed to be position-trained in the position(s) they currently hold.  The report also lists those who are position-trained.


This is how you add training:

Training Manager
upper left hand corner (add training)
fill in the form and submit.
Cub Masters , Scoutmasters and Committee Chairs should have access to this information.
Remember a scout is honest, so be accurate.
In Scouting,
Dan Fenlon
Upper Cumberland District District Commissioner



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