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Boy Scout Training

Class Skill Development and Leadership Training are at the core of the responsibilities of a  Scoutmaster, and here you will find resources and materials to make it happen.
Of course, all great trainers have also completed training themselves.   It is not the intent of this site to replace formal training, but only to serve as a resource to those who conduct training  and train those who do.

Foundational Skills Series

Mastering First Class Skills A series of reference materials and worksheets to facilitate the teaching and learning of many of the skills needed to  reach the level of First Class Scout.   Not meant to replace the Boy Scout Handbook, only to supplement it.

Fieldcraft Skills Series

Supplemental Fieldcraft Skills A series of reference materials highlighting some of the Boy Scout Field Skills from previous editions of the Boy Scout  Handbook and Boy Scout Fieldbook that have not been included in the current editions of Boy Scout Publications.   Many “experienced” Scouters think of these as “lost” skills.

Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

“The Foundation” Formal Troop level leadership training is a must, and serves as the foundation for all other Leadership training.   Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops should be conducted at least once each calender year, or whenever there is  a turn-over of Troop Leadership.

Goal Directed Leadership Training

“The Next Step” This new concept in Leadership Training is directed at the Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader.  It helps them to  understand that achieving goals serves as the cornerstone of Leadership, and uses the National Honor Patrol criteria as  the template for setting goals, measuring and evaluating progress, and eventually meeting a major milestone.  Here is  where the concept of the SMART goal is fully explored.



updated 3 November 2013

Attitude Reflects Leadership
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